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Classic NYC 3D Print + Breathe 01

Digital Artwork and NYC 3D Print portal w/ Classic black ladder

$ 395 CAD
$ 545 CAD
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Does stepping onto a fire escape stir thoughts of fresh air, unease, or views of a setting sun? The digital artwork in this collection is a moody creative exploration inspired by the feelings that come from stepping into new surroundings.

Classic collectors receive a single level black 3D print, limited edition 8K digital artwork, and a personalized AR portal. The portal is a digital access point to your digital artwork and blockchain certificate.

Transfer of digital ownership requires the buyer to create a digital wallet through Instructions to do so will be provided.

Orders are made on demand and require 6-8 weeks processing to ship.

Additional Information

2x Digital Artworks

  • 01 / 212 Limited Edition
  • AR Portal Artwork
  • NFT Digital Ownership
  • 8000 x 4500 pixels
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • PNG Format
  • Non-Commercial rights

1x Physical Artwork

  • 1x 3D Print Platform
  • Classic Black Ladder
  • Signed by Artist
  • NFC embed
  • 19 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm
  • 65 grams
  • Mounting Hardware & Directions
Find your perfect Escape with additional 3D print designs and limited edition digital artworks.
Digital + physical artwork

View your digital NFT by tapping your phone to your physical artwork


Both artworks are bound to an NFT crypto contract for proof of ownership

limited edition

Showcase digital artworks in the metaverse or trade with other collectors

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