An intersection between
digital & physical art
artist statement

Escape started after a trip to New York City.

I was taken by the shape and beauty of an object that so easily goes unnoticed.

I returned to this project for years, but it never felt finished. In 2020, global isolation forced us to reflect on where we live, how we work, and (for myself) why I was doing what I do.

During this time my meditation practice expanded, time seemed to drift, and my curiosity and appreciation of walks through neighbourhood alleys grew. I unexpectedly had returned to where this project began - appreciating the ordinary.

My hope is that this collection prompts us to stay curious, look up, and take note of what we might have previously overlooked.

3D Printed sculpture
The physical artwork

Each NFT artwork purchased from includes a 3D print portal to access their digital artwork & AR portal. 

The NYC 3D Print is your portal to the AR component. Tap your phone to it to experience the artist's latest creative AR exploration.

Collect additional drops and build your Escape.

Digital Print + augmented reality
The digital artworks
NFT 3D render artwork of moody clouds

Digital artwork themes will evolve and expand. Currently artworks explore the sensory experience of stepping onto a fire escape.

But how do we physically experience artworks that only live digitally? 

Escape collection proposes an answer as a digital-physical hybrid artwork. Collectors can access their digital artwork by interacting with their physical artwork.

Appreciate the ordinary

Escape Collection is about embracing the feelings that come with stepping onto a fire escape. The brief moment where a fear of the distance below changes to curiosity, or a breath of fresh air opens to a view of the sky. 

These moments bring us back to our senses and can inspire us to appreciate the world around us.

escape portal
Start your Escape
Each physical artwork contains an NFC chip to connect to the AR experience and digital artwork.
Single level
Get started with a 'base' platform and digital artwork.

Choose from the Classic black collection or a premium material accent ladder.
Expand your escape
Add Multiple Platforms
Vertically expand your Escape by collecting additional artworks and 'extension' platforms. All artworks include a 3D print platform.

Each purchase connects to the digital artwork via an embedded NFC chip.

Digital artworks are minted on - a carbon friendly platform.
Find your Escape
Choose from digital artworks, premium ladder materials, or number of platforms.
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